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Things To Do Immediately After An Accident February 17, 2016

Accidents are unexpected incidents. They occur all of a sudden. And sometimes we don’t know how to react especially if we dents on it. First of all, you should remain calm and not panic. Then you should do the following things. If you want to repair the dent buy using PDR, then visit this link
Stop immediately
When an accident occur. You should never hit and run. You should stop immediately. Then you should check immediately the situation of your passengers. Then you should check the situation of the health of the other party who met with the accident. This is very important.
Protect and secure the area
Also, you should see the situation and the protection of the people around you. Your vehicle may caught fire or explode. You should see whether this is possible, if so, you should immediately evacuate the people around you. The safety of yourself and the people around you is your top priority.
Inform the police
Then, you should inform the nearest police. When you inform, the police officer closest to your accident will arrive at the accident location. This is important to assess the situation and dispute resolution.
Tell the officer what actually has happened
You should tell the officer exactly what happened. When the police officer asked if you are injured, if you don’t know whether you are injured or not, tell he police officer that you are not sure. Some injuries come after the incident, such as aftershocks. Telling exactly how you feel to the officer is important.
Take photos
You should take photos as much as you can of the situation. These will act as evidence later. This is important to be on the safe side. If the accident is sever and a court case is filed, these photos that you took can be used by you.
Share information with the officer and the other driver
You should bet the information of the police officer who is reporting the situation. This may ne the name of the police officer, his police station and his contact information. Also, you should take the information of the party that you met with an accident. This mat be the name, address, where he work, his insurance details and the type of his vehicle

Take medical attention
If you are injured or not seek medical attention. This is because; some injuries that occur due to accidents are not physical. You would suffer from depression or chock afterwords. Therefore, seeking medical attention is important. Then when you take your car for repair, use the best and most economical and latest methods. Such as for dent removal in Perth try paintless dent elimination.

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