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How Having Alternatives Can Be Beneficial April 26, 2016

If plan A does not help it would be wise to have a plan B. life can be very unpredictable at times therefore you should not put all your resources and commit yourself to just one plan, allow yourself to have options.

Backup plan

Having a back- up plan gives you something to fall back on which would give you a sense of security. It would also prevent you from putting all your hopes on to the main plan. For example, if you get rejected from your dream university having alternative universities to choose from will enable you to continue with your future although it may be in a slightly different direction. Having a backup plan would also prevent your self-esteem from diminishing completely as you will still have a sense of hope even if your main plan fails you. Having a backup plan can also help in ensuring your safety, for example if your car is about to get stolen you do not have to spend time negotiating with thief who is most likely to be armed.

Instead of putting your life at risk you can step aside and allow your car to be taken away because if you have installed a monitoring device no matter where the thief takes your vehicle you will be able to locate it. To prevent burglars from entering, make sure your locks are secure but in case the burglar does break the lock and enter your residence it would be wise to have a burglar alarm.

Making a plan

When making a plan, first write down your main strategy and under your key plan write down a bunch of alternative plans in case your key plan does not work out. Backup plans are used commonly is sports such as basketball and football, for example if a player gets injured all teams are required to have substitute players which enables the game to go on.

Do not be discouraged

If your life does not go according to plan do not be discouraged. Try and make the most out of the opportunities presented to you because it may lead you to a path that can be more rewarding than the path you had planned to take. However, if you have your mind set on accomplishing a certain goal you do not have to wait for the perfect opportunity to present itself because if you truly have the drive and passion to make something of yourself, you can start creating opportunities for yourself instead of waiting for someone else to give you the chance.

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